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  • Melissa Greene

Our summer sizzled!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Summer of 2021! It's still going on, but with the year and a half we all had, I think everyone was just in a rush to be outside!!! Weddings returned in full throttle. I definitely began to miss the intimate, curated unions. We were booked with photo shoots, weddings, retail sales and the overall feeling in the industry became we are now "overwhelmed". Honestly, we never uttered those words, we are appreciative for every booking, every flower that graces between our hands, and to see the smile of every client. You see I've waited for this day for many years sitting at a desk in New York City. The pandemic started when I was at a crossroad in my 17 year career running a full time business. I'm so glad we weathered the storm and continue too. Looking to finishing this last quarter stronger than ever....never give up on yourself!!!! xoxo, Melissa

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